How to Make Candles

Want to make your own candles? Don't know what supplies you need and where to get them? The Hometalk community has all of the tips, tricks, and techniques that you need to get you started in the exciting world of DIY candle making. Watch a step by step video and get your home glowing. We can't wait to see what you make to illuminate your space!

How to Make Wax Candles

Choose your wax

There are many different kinds of wax available for purchase online. Paraffin, citronella, and beeswax are the most popular.

Heat your wax

Break your wax into smaller pieces and heat to 180-190℉. For safety, use the double boiler method, where steam heats the wax.

Prepare your wick and mold

Place a piece of pre-tabbed wick, with the tab at the bottom, into your mold. Tie the top end of your wick to a pen or pencil to support it.

Pour your wax into the mold

Heat the mold before pouring your wax to prevent bubbles from forming. Holding the wick steady, pour your wax into the mold.

Cool your wax

Keep the candle at room temperature and allow to cool for several hours. Cut your wick to length. Your candle is ready for use.

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DIY Candle Making Videos

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DIY Eggshell Candle Holder

Every time I cook something with eggs I feel bad for trowing away the shells. They have a nice bright color, and a texture that is easy to work with. Having these in mind I came up with the idea of creating a nice decor element, practical (with double purpose), that is cheap and easy to make.Materials:1. Eggshells (the next time you are cooking, clean them with water and save them in a paper bag)2. A glass (I used an empty small Nutella jar-because duh! we are recycling)3. Glue (I used BIC glue, you can also use mod podge)4. Spray paint of your choice( I love the golden one-it's a must have if you are a craft fan)5. Some varnish (this is optional)6. Something to fill your jar-a candle, a little plant, crayons-whatever you like

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