How to Make Centerpieces

Looking to save money by making your own centerpieces for an event? Stumped on where to start? Hometalk has got your back. Check out our discussion boards and let us know what you think. Take a moment to look through our best and most popular centerpiece projects for some inspiration. We also have amazing videos and slideshows to guide you.

How to Make a Centerpiece

Incorporate natural elements

A slice of wood with the bark still intact can make a beautiful yet simple base for a table centerpiece.

Use unusual focal features

Add items to capture attention. Instead of opting for flowers or faux plants, try dried wheat or other decorative grasses.

Use old jars to display flowers

Rescue old jars and other glass items. Soak them to remove the labels and tie lace ribbons around the rim for a country-style vase.

Upcycle old papers

Create a unique planter table decoration with vintage papers, such as old musical scores. Separate the pages and wrap them around tins.

Illuminate the dining table

Arrange candles in the middle of the table for light. Use eight candles of different lengths with the tallest candles placed in the center.

Top Projects for Making Centerpieces

All the top DIY centerpiece projects are right here. Check them out.

DIY Centerpiece Videos

Looking for videos on how to create beautiful centerpieces? We've got you covered.

4th Of July USA Table Centerpiece/Spaghetti Sauce Jar Upcycle

This centerpiece is easy, fun and a very inexpensive craft you can make for your 4th of July cookout or indoor party! Use things you already have around the house and turn your trash into treasure. All you need is food coloring, 3 empty glass jars, glue, glitter, and flowers.

Burger/Taco Napking Holder From CD or DVDs

Make these quirky napkin holders from CDs and DVDs some paint, glue and our free printables. There's a video below that shows you how to easily bend them for the project.

Peek-A-Boo Centerpiece From Window Box

This is our own creation and it can be used year round. It uses a flower box, wood or plastic and has a fun hidden compartment! FYI: there are about 50 PHOTOS, all of which can't fit here. SEE ALL PHOTOS HERE

Quick Poinsettia Placemats

These elegant poinsettia Christmas placemats can also be used as centerpieces or even wall hangings! All you need is a 12″ piece of square felt and some fake poinsettias and a hot glue gun. They are so easy to make and would be great for a gift. In fact you could hang one on your front door! ***CLICK HERE FOR MORE PICS & DETAILS***

New Making Centerpieces Projects

What's trending in the world of DIY centerpieces? We have compiled it all here.