DIY Living Room Chair Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to living room chairs. What style is right for your space? Which fabric will make your room pop? Hometalk can help you make the right choices for your living room. Check out our top, best, and newest projects. Take a moment to watch an instructional video or browse a slideshow. Happy furnishing!

Choosing Chairs

Establish a budget

Determine the budget you have to work with. This helps to narrow your search.

Measure your space

Plan out where the chairs will be placed and measure the space to be sure they will fit. Tape off the space as a visual guide.

Choose the right fabric

What will you be using the chair for? If you have kids or pets, go with family-friendly and easy-to-clean fabrics like vinyl.

Pick the right color

Use a color wheel or chart to decide on complementary colors for a themed look or make a statement with contrasting colors.

Educate yourself

Before buying chairs, read as much as you can about the different styles, as there are plenty to choose from.

Top Projects for Living Room Chairs

Our top DIY living room chair projects to give ideas for your living room.

Living Room Chair Videos

Peruse our collection of DIY video tutorials on living room chairs.

Extreme Living Room Makeover

How to Reupholster a Boxed Dining Chair Seat.

This boxed dining chair seat is generally beyond the DIY realm. The "boxed" design...meaning welt(piping) on the top edge of the foam and the bottom edge, requires sewing welt, cutting the boxing piece, and stitching those two pieces together to create the boxed design. I'll show you how to make this happen even if you only have basic sewing skills and a home sewing machine.

Our Favorite Reading Nook!

First of all - THIS FIREPLACE IS NOT USED AND NEVER HOLDS A FIRE OF ANY TYPE. It actually has a fake fire that uses a light bulb and rotating gizmo for pretend fire - no heat - no worries. If you use your fireplace - you must remove any and all type of cushions, pillows, blankets, papers, plastic, etc. - Anything that would be flameable. Use Common Sense - Stay Safe Everyone!This is my second Fireplace hearth project. The first hearth cushion project I created is on HT ( and was a project involving redoing what my daughter and husband had originally created to project their young toddlers from sharp edges. It was also a fireplace that was not used for fires of any type. Those same toddlers that were the inspiration of the first cover visit my house so I wanted to soften the hard rock edges giving them some protection along with creating a favorite corner to hang out in.

Vintage Chair Chalk Painted With Hand Painted Dandelions Video

I love chalk painting old chairs! It's way more fun than reupholstering in my book!I'll show you how to paint a fabric chair so it still feels soft. Also including a how to video on painting dandelions. These are super easy and can be painted on just about anything!

New Living Room Chair Projects

Want to know what's trending in living room chairs? Look here at new projects.