DIY Bedroom Closet Ideas

Trying to plan out your bedroom closet and need some help? Curious to know where to get started and how? We have the answers for you. From tutorial videos to top projects, we have ideas to inspire you and get you going in the exciting world of bedroom closets. Be sure to follow the popular discussions happening right now on the topic.

The Ideal Bedroom Closet

Have it made

If you can afford it, have a custom or fitted closet built. You'll make the best use of your space and have something totally unique.

Choose neutral colors

By choosing natural wood or neutral colors, your closet won't stand out too much, blending naturally into the room.

Keep the top clear

If your closet has space on top, you might be tempted to use it for storage, but this will create an untidy effect.

Be child safe

Even if your kids are teenagers, it is always a good idea to secure a closet to the wall to prevent it from falling.

Be strict

You don’t want your closet to turn into a dumping ground for household items. Keep it for clothing and bedding only and make no exceptions!

Top Projects for Bedroom Closets

We've compiled the top DIY projects for bedroom closets. Prepare to be inspired.

Bedroom Closet Videos

Looking for video tutorials to get you started with your first DIY bedroom closet?

Master Bedroom Closet Makeover

Our bedroom closet was a mess. There were clothes coming in on us from all sides. The space was big enough, but not at all functional. With the help of my friend Kristin DiBacco from The Serene Space, we created a more organized (and pretty) closet we just love!

Ikea Pax Hack: Wardrobe for Closet Organization and Space

You know the gorgeous closets with bi-fold doors? Yeah, we didn't like that look so much, especially in a space with 2 girls and not a ton of room. We decided to use our go-to for hacks. IKEA! We can't wait to show you how we transformed the closet space!

Rose Gold & Marble Clothing Rack on a Budget

After moving out on my own, I quickly realized that my small condo was quickly becoming crowded with all my clothing, shoes and bags! Being a beauty and fashion blogger (@tonisevdalis), I am constantly buying new clothes and with the limited closet space, I had to find a different way to store all of my favourite pieces. Let's face it, classic storage racks are normally grey and boring so I was determined to turn mine from drab into fab!

New Bedroom Closet Projects

Need some inspiration for your bedroom closet project? We have all the new projects.