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The next time you are at the dollar store grab some wood palettes and mason jars for this cute porch idea.

To start this project you are doing to need some little palettes that you find at Dollar Tree. You will need 4 of them to create two lights.  

Once you have your small palettes, you want to hot glue two together and let themsit just for a minute while they dry. 


Next, you want to take some rope, and starting from the back you want to lay it across.  

Then you want to flip the palette over and pull the rope through the slats in the palette and run the rope down two slits.  

Now run the rope down the backside over two slits and then pull it back towards the front. 

To add the mason jar to the palette, add a bead of hot glue to the back of the jar and secure it to the middle of the palette. Line up the lip of the jar to the slat where the rope is coming out.  

Once the jar is in place, grab one side of the rope and pull it tightly across the jar lip. You can secure it in place with some hot glue.  

Do the same thing on the other side. 

After placing the rope around the jar, run it down the back of the palette and pull it out at the front two slats later, and knot the rope.  

Make a cute little bow to finish off the rope. You will also use this to hang the light by. 

Cut the tails of the rope to whatever length you'd like and add a dab of hot glue to the ends to keep them from fraying.  

To decorate the inside of the jar, start by adding some white sand. You don’t need much. 

Add some small seashells by placing them on top of the sand.  

Next and some faux seaweed. Use a pair of scissors to push the ends into the sand to keep them in place.  

Now that the jar has been filled, it’s time to add some flowers. I chose some white flowers and snipped off the ends so they would lay flat on the palette.  

I added three flowers and some more of the faux seaweed with hot glue to the top of the palette.  

To finish off the decorations, a little starfish on the front looks so beachy. I found a styrofoam one that I glue to the front of the jar.  

The final step to making the new porch lights is to add some little fairy lights. I filled the jar with the lights and then use hot glue to attach the lightbox to the back of the palette.  

It was super easy to hang these cute nautical lights on my porch and they are perfect to add some ambiance to that outdoor space. I really love this project and how it turned out. It looks really great on my outdoor screened-in porch. Ihope you feel inspired to try this project. 

Suggested materials:
  • Dollar Tree pallets
  • Rope
  • Glass jars
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  • L W F L W F on Aug 22, 2022

    Just wish folks who post such cute ideas would put a photo at the beginning. Then I'd know if I wanted to pursue the idea.

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