DIY Outdoor Garden Ideas

Are you new to the world of gardening? There's so much to learn and consider that you just don't know where to start? Relax, we've got you covered. You can learn from the collective knowledge of the Hometalk community on our discussion boards, slide shows, DIY video tutorials, and lots of innovative projects. Happy gardening!

Easily Transform Your Garden

Create DIY planters

Not all planters have to be store bought. Remove the drawers from a filing cabinet, spray, and set on its back for a unique garden planter.

Light a garden with small touches

Glue colored marbles to a battery-powered bulb and set inside a terracotta pot for a glowing garden globe.

Decorate vertically

Give the illusion of space by building a vertical planter. Create an N-frame and add crossbeams. Add hooks and guttering for a layered look.

The 10-minute pallet planter

For a quick and easy planter, staple landscape fabric to a pallet. Stand on its side, fill with soil, and add plants in between the slats.

Make your mark with spoons

Gardens should be fun, which is why wooden spoons make fantastic markers. Decorate and add labels to give your vegetable patch a neat look.

Top DIY Garden Projects

We have the top DIY garden ideas and projects all right here.

Outdoor Garden Videos

Need some video tutorials on how to get started creating the perfect garden? Enjoy.

Gardeners: Copy These 30 Stunning Ways To Display Your Plants

Spruce up your home with these fun stands for your plant friends.

He Wanted Privacy at Home, So He Built a Wall

On my last post, "Modern Patio DIY Inspiration" I created a solution for my problem...nosy neighbors! I also made my patio area into a usable space. In this post, I build a similar 'in style' privacy wall in the back of the house. This might give you some ideas of your own. Check it out....

Tire Rim Water Hose Holder

If you're looking for a quick project to brighten up your yard this summer, here's something to consider, especially if your water hose is just coiled up on the ground. I've seen similar ideas so I thought I'd try my hand at it and I love how this upcycle turned out!

Giant Leaf Stepping Stones

These decorative garden stepping stones add the perfect amount of whimsy to my side garden. You won't believe how simple they are to make using a giant plant leaf of your choice. Give it a try for yourself!

New Outdoor Gardening Projects

We have tons of new DIY garden projects to get you started here.

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