How to Make Ornaments

Having trouble finding the right ornaments for your style? Looking to make ornaments yourself? Take a look at our best and most popular ornament making projects to spark your creativity. Watch a video or look through a slideshow to get your next idea. Have something to say? Join the ornament making discussion board and let us know what you think.

How to Make Ornaments

Choose your medium

Clay and plaster of Paris are the easiest mediums to use. We recommend clay, but consider whether you have the means to bake or fire it.

Choose your decoration

Select something you can mold from a round shape fairly easily - like a rabbit or a dove.

Mold a rabbit

Roll your clay into a large ball with a flattened bottom. Attach a smaller ball to the back as a tail and a medium-sized ball as the head.

Attach some details

Mold detailed shapes from clay and attach them to your ornament. Each attached part needs to be smoothed and secured to the body with water.

Bake your ornament

Place the ornament in your kitchen oven on the highest heat. This is not equal to kiln firing, but it will strengthen your decoration.

Top Projects for Making Ornaments

Check out our top DIY ornament projects for helpful guidance and ideas.

DIY Ornament Videos

Want to start making ornaments but need some help? Watch our DIY video tutorials.

Puzzle Piece Ornaments - Christmas Decoration

I have a small obsession with gingerbread houses! I just adore them! :) I have to admit I never bake them but I like making all sorts of crafts gingerbread style. So today I will show you some lovely ornaments, you can use it hanging on the tree or you can used it as seating cards on your Christmas dinner table. They're made of recycled materials and are so easy to put together. What would you do with a puzzle that’s missing some pieces? Why not make a puzzle piece ornaments. These are easy and cheap to make! They also make a great gift. You will need some puzzle pieces, paint, glue, marker, greenery.

DIY Glitter Pear Christmas Ornament From the Dollar Tree

Make this glamorous pear ornament out of Dollar Tree items. Bonus points if you add a partridge!

Epic Dollar Store Ornament Makeover

Turn plain plastic ornaments from the the dollar store into fancy ornate decorations that your friends wont even believe you made!

Homespun Fabric Christmas Ornament

If you love this project, grab your quick start DIY guide & subscribe to our blog!I’m so excited to show you how to make your own DIY homespun fabric Christmas ornament. We’re going to go over 4 different kinds today. You can make one homespun fabric Christmas ornament or, better yet, make them all!

New Ornaments Projects

New DIY ornament projects are here to spark your creativity and get you creating!