DIY Outdoor Patio Ideas

The perfect patio can take your outdoor space from plain to spectacular. Looking for the tips, tricks, and techniques to make your patio yourself? Allow the Hometalk community to help! Learn how to lay pavers without the help of a professional. Ask a question on our question board or find inspiration in our slideshows. Go on in!

Create a Perfect Patio

Add a fireplace

Add entertainment value to your patio with a fireplace or fire pit. A fire is a great way to add extra light, warmth, and ambience at night.

Create a lookout deck

Create a lookout deck by arranging furniture to face the view. Position the components of your patio with the view as the center.

Hang a hammock

Hammocks provide comfortable alternatives to regular furniture. Choose natural materials and neutral colors.

Keep it simple

Go for a minimalistic design. Leave an open space in the center and position any furniture along the outside perimeter.

Decorate with cushions

Use cushions to add color or a theme. Be bold with bright colors and animal prints or bring a gentle vibe with pastels and linen covers.

Top DIY Patio Projects

Looking to add a patio to your house? Here are the top outdoor patio projects.

Outdoor Patio Videos

Watch DIY outdoor patio videos to get some direction for your own project.

Turning a Bland Concrete Patio Into Something Special

We have a concrete patio off of our deck that was begging for a makeover.

Small Space Garden

Don't have a lot of space but want to try out your green thumb? Here's an idea that makes use of an area that is all too often overlooked.

DIY Patio With WalkMaker Mold

This is a concrete patio made with individual diy pavers using the walkmaker concrete molds.

Small Rental Balcony Makeover: Before and After

When I moved to LA from the East coast, I was determined to make the most out of my small balcony to enjoy the beautiful weather year round, even though I'm renting. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it: not only has it given me more usable square footage, it's also provided a much better view to look at from the inside of my apartment!

New Outdoor Patio Projects

Searching for what's hot and trending in outdoor patios? Look no further.

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