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There are so many cool things you can do with pool noodles and I want to show you three of my favorites today.

Today we're working with pool noodles so head to your local Dollar Store and grab a few.  

First, you want to cut the pool noodle in half. Right here is the middle.  

Now you've got two, and then we're going to do the same thing to the blue one as well.  

Next, you want to slit them right down the center. You want to cut all the way through, right to the center.  

Fold the noodles open like this.  

I have a shorter piece of the pool noodle that I'm going to cut in half, and I'm going to use it as my base to create my raft. I'm going to cut it all the way through. 

Then I'm going to turn this upside down and attach the first ones just like that to create my raft.  

I want to have my flat surface against this, the open side.  

I'm going to put my glue and again, this is cool melt glue so it's not super hot. Put the glue on your noodle, and then you're going to place that just like that.  

Now I'm attaching the second piece. I'm going to go and make sure that I've got enough glue. It's a little harder for the glue to come out when it cool melt. Again though, you don't want it on high, because if it's on high, it will melt the noodle. You don't want to do that.  

Next, we will insert our third piece and do the same thing. I am just repeating the same process of putting the glue on the back side of the noodles and attaching my support.  

Now we're going to do this, and we're going to hold this until it dries.  

Once the glue is dry I'm going to trim off the end of my support pieces, and then I'm going to trim the ends. I think the best way to do this is to turn it over and use some kind of straight edge. I'm using a ruler to get a straight cut to trim the ends of the raft.  

Next, we are now going to put a tray on here, and we're going to decorate it.  

I'm using some faux lemons to decorate my raft. You can see that I just poked a little stem through the seam of the noodles.  

I'm going to place my tray on here so I know where my tray is going. And then I'm going to poke my other one through on this side, just like that.  

I've got one flip-flop already attached, and now I want to attach the other one. I just simply put some glue on the side and stuck the flip-flop to it. I want my flip-flops to look like handles.  

I've got my pitcher of water, and two cups of ice. We're going to slice up a lemon and add that to our water and enjoy a drink in the pool. 

For my next pool noodle trick, I split a piece of pool noodle down the center. 

I'm going to cut four seven-inch slices out of it. Mark each seven-inch off with a marker. 

Then we're going to use a kitchen knife, a serrated knife, to cut out each section. It's quite easy. Just line it up with your mark and then just go back and forth, and itcuts quite nicely.


Next, you want to put your cut ends in the center together and glue them together. You want to use a cool glue gun because you don't want the glue to melt the pool noodle. If it's too hot, it will.  

Make a nice line or two of hot glue right where we cut that seam and put two of themtogether and one on either end. 


Then we're going to do the same thing with the second piece. We're going to glue them together making a mini raft with your cup in the middle.  

Before removing your cut, draw a circle around it. 

Then use a serrated knife to cut down to the seam and remove the parts in the circle. Don't cut all the way through. You just want to go through to the center. 

When we cut that seam in the center, it worked really well because then you can just remove this piece.  

Finally, insert your cup and it’s ready to float.  

For my final trick, we are going to cut two-inch sections of a pool noodle.  

You need to have seven of these.  

This is how we're going to get a flower. We're going to have one in the center and six around the outside. 


We are going to use these little battery-operated tea lights, and we're going to place them on the top and using an Exacto knife you want to cut all the way around. 

Once you've gone all the way around, you can see how loose it is. I'm just going to pull it down and then cut that small piece out of my noodle. 

Then your candle will fit in there just like this.  

Now we have all of our pieces cut, our candles are all put inside and there is plenty of room so the water should not hit the battery. You can put a piece of Saran Wrap under the candle if you choose.  

Next, they need to be connected. I'm using a hot glue gun, but it is at a low temperature because if you use a high temperature, it really melts the pool noodles. Just use the low heat hot glue gun and place the glue down one side.  

For the second one you want to place it in the center, and you want to place it on the side. Then attach that one.  

Do the same thing all the way around until they are all attached and use a rubber band to hold them all in place when they are drying.  

Our candle holders are done now so you want to remove the rubber band.  

Once it's dark, we will turn our candles on and float them in the pool.

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    Can you use E6000 instead of a glue gun. My cheapie glue gun doesn’t have a cool setting.

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    What does Thrush look like and how do you treat it?

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    Pool noodles about 16 inches for cushion on shopping cart. At 81 have to have it or bruises on forarms . Just for big shopping.

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    Your candle idea would be adorable done up in ORANGE for 🎃 BEGGARS NIGHT! 👻 I AM TOTALLY EXCITED TO GET TO MAKING SOME! Thanks a Hallow 🧟‍♀️ bunch for the share!