How to Build Raised Garden Beds

Do you have questions about how to build raised garden beds yourself? How deep should a raised bed garden be? What kind of wood should be used for raised garden beds? And how do you build a raised bed garden box? We've got answers to these questions and more on our discussion boards, projects, and video tutorials. We've got you covered.

Building a Raised Garden Bed

Get the location ready

Choose the spot where you’d like to place the garden bed and remove the grass from the area.

Choose what kind of wood to use

To build a raised garden bed that will last, use cedar or redwood as they are both naturally water-resistant.

Build the garden bed frame

Put together your raised garden bed with a frame that is at least six inches high and has four sides.

Install the bottom of the frame

Once the frame is put together, staple wide-mesh hardware cloth to the bottom. This will keep weeds out while letting earthworms in.

Optional add-on to garden beds

To keep animals out, consider installing a mesh cover on your raised garden bed using wood and PVC pipes.

Top Projects for Building Raised Garden Beds

We have compiled the top raised garden beds projects for you right here. Enjoy.

Raised Garden Bed Building Videos

Here is a collection of videos of Hometalkers building DIY raised garden beds.

Square Foot Garden Bed Demo

The first of 4 Small Space Garden Designs I'm creating to inspire people who have no space to garden! This simple DIY uses very little materials and is a snap to put together. Check it out!

Raised Planter Bed From Pallets QUICK AND EASY

This is a quick video of the vegetable beds I make out of pallets in about 10 mins.

How to Build Raised Beds Using Pallets

Hi everyone! Welcome to my garden. I grow vegetables in raised beds since it is more convenient, useful, and attractive. Raised garden beds can be quite expensive, so I want to show you how you can make your own raised garden beds from pallets!You might have heard that pallet wood isn't safe to use for garden beds where you will be planting vegetables. Here is what you should look for. There should be a stamp on the side of the pallet showing how the wood has been treated. The only one you have to be wary of is MB (which stands for methyl bromide), since the chemical in it can leach in to the food.

Super Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed

If you have basic hand tools like a saw and a hammer you can build a simple, functional raised garden bed out of common lumber found at your hardware store. Modern treated lumber is safe for garden use, unlike in the past, and is weather resistant. This will keep out turtles and slow down weeds from overtaking your plants.

New Raised Garden Bed Projects

Want to know what's new in the world of raised garden bed building? Here you go.