How to Build Sheds

Is building a shed your next DIY project? The Hometalk community can guide you as you plan this exciting project. You'll need to consider your space, budget, and materials. We've got the projects to inspire you, the slideshows to get your creativity going, and the video tutorials to give you a run-down of the step-by-step process.

Building a Shed Piece by Piece

Scout for the right location

Find a location where you can lay a strong foundation with ease. Ensure that the location is dry.

Build a resistant floor

Make sure the floor of the shed is sturdy and weather resistant.

It doesn’t need to be expensive

A shed doesn't need to be built to the same standard as your home. Cheaper, good-quality materials can work just as well.

The alternative for sloped sites

If you’re building a shed on a sloped area, build it on posts. This will help ensure it is level.

Hire an inspector

Once the shed is complete, get a property inspection of your shed to ensure that everything is in order.

Top Shed Building Projects

Are you looking for the top DIY shed building projects? Look no further.

Popular Slideshows for Building Sheds

Still not sure what kind of shed to build? Check out our slideshows for help.

DIY Shed Building Videos

DIY video tutorials will get you on your way to building your own shed.

1/2 Recycled Greenhouse Build

My brother needed a greenhouse for his ever growing collection of plants, luckily we had a load of pallet wood and since he's a builder, he managed to recover plenty of wood from a construction site rubbish pile. We had to buy the plastic and the wood for the trusses, so I prefer to call this the half recycled Greenhouse.

Making the Workshop // Tiny House

Hi all this project is about making a workshop space from scratch!The whole goal of this project was to make a rain free area for my DIY things and to explore miniature architecture projects.

She Shed

I've wanted my own version of a She Shed for a few years. With my guy's mad carpentry skills, it all came together and I love it!

Kid's Playhouse

Every little girl should have the playhouse of her dreams. When our daughter turned 3, we wanted to build her just that! Now she has somewhere to make memories that will last a lifetime. You can get the full set of plans, complete with a cut list and detailed instructions, to build your little one something she will never forget.

New DIY Shed Building Projects

Here is a collection of new projects in the world of DIY shed building.