How to Build Shelves

Is building your own shelf your next DIY project? Here you can get ideas for different kinds of shelves and building hacks on how to best build them. Take a look at our discussion boards, video tutorials, top projects, and slideshows. You can even go ask a question that's been puzzling you about how to build shelves. Make yourself at home.

Create Storage with Shelves

Cut and assemble parts

Your shelf may only have one part, or it may have several. Cut the pieces needed and assemble them.

Sand and stain materials

Use 100- or 150-grit sandpaper to sand each piece of the shelf and stain it in your desired color before installation.

Build and install a wall cleat

A wall cleat is a piece of wood that your shelf will adhere to. This ensures it’s securely on the wall.

Keep a level handy

Use a level when installing a wall cleat to a wall in order to ensure the shelf is installed straight.

Attach the shelf to the wall

Fit the shelf to the wall using the wall cleat and voila, you now have extra storage space.

Top Shelf Building Projects

We've compiled the top DIY projects for building shelves. Prepare to be inspired.

Popular DIY Shelf Building Slideshows

Slideshows are a great place to start to get ideas for DIY shelf building projects.

DIY Shelf Building Videos

Looking for video tutorials to get you started with your first DIY shelving unit?

How to Build Garage Shelves | The Best Way!

This loft style garage shelving setup allows you to utilize the top portion of your garage walls that would typically go to waste, but doesn't take up any ground space at the same time!

How To Make A $7 Floating Shelf

For this project, I’ll be making 2 floating shelves. Affordable, stylish and easy to make. These shelves can improve any space. Either a bathroom, living room, kids room etc. The best part about it is that each shelf can be made for only $7.

Closet Door Built-In Storage

Okay, so I have to admit, I have A LOT of shoes. I'm not the type to put away my summer shoes during winter, because you never know when you need a pair of flip flops or open-toe heels during the colder months (call me crazy but I don't stick with the close-toe heel rule...if there is one). Because I don't put away my summer shoes, coupled with the fact that I have a ridiculously small closet, it can look like a hot mess with the quickness. My closet is in my son's room, so even if I line my shoes up nicely, he eventually gets in there and messes them up. Hence, my need for a solution!You can organize your own closet this spring, with our expert organizer, Meggie Mangione by signing up to our online group workshop.

How to Create a Nice DIY Floating Bathroom Shelf + Free PLAN

For this project, I have been invited to work on a new bathroom design in Paris and the goal was adding a simple DIY floating shelf in this corner as you can see just right here which is measuring 23 cm large…The owner of this apartment couldn’t find the right furniture for this spot so ask me to design it…To make this shelf you don’t really require a lot of tools, here I am making it with 2 pieces of lumber from 1 meter long, 20 cm large and 1.9 cm thick. Here Each of the 3 shelves will be cut at 20 cm large and 21 cm long in order to be inserted into the main back piece.Nice and easy to make with our provided free planCheck out the video for more information.Add Me HereFacebook

New DIY Shelf Building Projects

Need some inspiration for your DIY shelf project? We have all the new projects.

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