How to Build Walls

Building walls yourself is no small feat. Let us help you out with ideas and tips from other Hometalkers. Take a stroll around the discussion board, ask a question, and check out top, new, and best projects to inspire and guide you. From interior and exterior walls, to partition and brick walls, we've got you covered.

Walls - Where to Start

Choose your materials

Decide what materials to build your wall with. An interior wall is most likely to be wood, while the exterior uses a variety of materials.

Map out the wall

Before building a wall, map out how it's going to look, including measurements for openings such as doors and windows.

Use the floor as your canvas

When creating a wooden wall frame, put it together on the floor of the house first. When it’s done, simply lift it up and install it in place.

Create openings in a wall

You can build a wall with space for a door or window already made. If the wall is not load bearing, you can simply carve out the space needed.

To insulate the wall or not

Once a wall is put together, you may choose to insulate the wall using insulation boards or dry lining.

Top DIY Projects for Building Walls

Top wall building projects all here for your DIY enlightenment. Have a look around.

Wall Building Videos

Are you looking for DIY tutorial videos on how to build walls? Look no further.

How to Install Picture Moulding(faux Panel Moulding)

Picture moulding adds so much architectural detail and is surprisingly easy to install. My foyer needed a face lift so when my contractor neighbor generously gave me a bundle of chair rail I put it to good use.

Faux Paneled Door

No matter how many upgrades you do on your house, if you've got the flat, 'flush' hollow core interior doors, your home will still look dated. Spending hundreds of dollars replacing fully functional but less-than-aesthetic doors isn't necessary when you can use trim to quickly and easily create faux panels!

4 Fast Home Builds That Will Make You Want to Do It Yourself!

You don't have to be a master DIYer to accomplish these quick builds. By the end of the video you're going to be running to the store to buy your materials!

New Wall Building Projects

Looking for new ideas for DIY wall building? You'll find it all here.