How to Repair Air Conditioning Units

Are you ready to repair your own air conditioning unit? Join us for DIY video tutorials, discussion boars, and the top air conditioning repair projects. At Hometalk we want to empower you and arm you with the knowledge you'll need to complete a successful DIY air conditioner repair job in your home. Good luck!

How to Fix Your Broken AC

Test your thermostat for problems

Try the thermostat at the lowest setting. If the AC doesn’t work, the thermostat may need recalibrating. Check with the manual or a specialist.

Clear out the drain tube

Check regularly for water pooling around your air conditioning unit. The condensate drain is likely blocked - clean with chemical tablets.

Carefully clean the fins

Clean the fins to improve your AC’s efficiency. Use a soft-bristle brush on the fins - be gentle when cleaning to avoid causing damage.

Adjust any damaged fins

If you find broken fins, these can be adjusted with subtle pressure from a kitchen knife. Again, go gently or the fins might break.

Add a new layer of insulation

Repair the insulation around your outdoor AC tubes if unhappy with efficiency. Remove any damaged insulation foam and replace with a new layer.

Top Projects for Repairing Air Conditioning

Looking for our top air conditioning DIY repair jobs. Look no further.

Air Conditioning Repair Videos

Get your broken AC repaired quickly with our DIY air conditioner repair videos.

Personal Space Heater

This is a simple and inexpensive personal space heater that you can move and take with you. You can see more of my crazy creations here

DIY Bucket A/C

Please take a minute to click here to sign up for the Mother Daughter Projects weekly newsletter. You'll get notification about our new projects and what is up and coming.Like us, you've probably had this project pinned for some time. Anyone who has ever worked in a hot garage, in summer, in Florida knows that even a tiny hint of cold air is welcome relief! I wanted to try the project but didn't want to go to the expense and effort of ordering the needed styrofoam bucket liner that the project required. I was on the lookout for something that would eliminate the need for the liner. As luck would have it, I found this insulated vertical drink cooler that would be perfect for only $2 at a yard sale. I already had the needed plastic tubing, fan, and hole saw cutter so the expense for this project was minimal!

How To Install a DIY Mini Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump

I live in South Louisiana where the climate is very hot and humid for more than half of the year. I spend a lot of time in my workshop, so I decided to install a DIY mini split AC and heat pump for temperature and humidity control. The Mr Cool DIY 18,000 BTU 1.5 Ton Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump (model: DIY-18-HP-230A) fit my needs, so I purchased the unit. Keep reading to learn how to install a ductless mini split. Visit my blog at the end of this post for more information such as mini split cost and sizing.

How to Insulate External Walls (and Decrease Utility Bills)

Learning how to insulate external walls can save you a boat load of money. And make your home more comfortable. There are a ton of insulation options out there but Roxul insulation was my choice for our master bathroom remodel. I'll explain why. It's made of Basalt rock and recycled slag. If you don't know, slag is a by-product of steel production. I live in Pittsburgh, so it's kinda second nature to know about slag. Little side note: I was a geology major in college for about 1 year...then switched to chemistry. So I geek out on cool things that make your home a better place to live. Today you'll see why I chose Roxul for our wonky 100 year old bathroom remodel. Why is mineral wool so awesome? Reason one: Roxul won't catch on fire until about 2000F. I don't know about you, I want a chance to run if my house catches fire. Reason two: Roxul is inorganic and therefore not a food source for mold. Mold in a house is BAD, unless it's in the form of blue cheese. Reason three: it's water repellent. If Roxul gets damp it won't lose it's R-rating, meaning it won't lose it's ability to insulate. Cool stuff. Here are the supplies you need to install Roxul Roxul ComfortBatt Utility Knife Drywall Knife Long Sleeve Shirt (insulation is itchy!!) Gloves Respirator Goggles or Safety Glasses T-Square Measuring Tape

New Air Conditioning Repair Projects

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