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Ready to try DIY repairing? You already know that when something in your house breaks, it's on you to find a professional repairmen (which is often expensive and may include extra time to wait for availability). Here at Hometalk we will help you with the tools, tips, and techniques you need to get you on your way to DIY repair success.

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Fixing a Crack in a Wall or Ceiling

Did you know that fixing a crack in some drywall on a wall or ceiling can be quick and easy? We have had a long crack in the ceiling of our living room for quite some time and I thought I might as well go ahead and try to patch it up. With a couple of standard items from the hardware store you can eliminate a crack and have it patched up in a jiff!

Insulating A Crawl Space/Attic Door

I love our nice big closet in our bedroom but I don’t love the uninsulated access door to our crawl space which is in the closet. It gets a little frigid in there winter mornings.

Bubble Wrap Window Insulation Hack

If you're like me and come from a small town with old houses, you can remember insulating your windows for the winter. My dad would take plastic sheeting and double sided tape and seal up all the windows we didn't absolutely need to open. Well, now we live in a house with much better windows, but that doesn't mean there isn't an advantage to adding insulation. We’re still losing heat through our windows, just a smaller amount.  Extra insulation not only helps you save the environment  (by using less electricity) but can save you anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars over the course of the winter (depending on how large your house is and how many money saving tips you implement). Step 1: Gather Your Materials

5 Hacks to Use Bubble Wrap Around the House

Let's be honest, bubble wrap isn't just intended for wrapping delicate items and moving. It's also meant for popping! But, did you know there are even more ways to use bubble wrap around the house? Check out these 5 helpful hacks.

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