How to Paint Wood

New to wood painting? Here's the how-to page you've been looking for. We'll cover all the topics including prepping your wood, painting it evenly, and sealing in the color to keep it fresh for many years to come. Check out the discussion boards, slideshows, projects, and you can even go ask a question.

Wonderful Ways to Paint Wood

Select the right tools

Before you paint wood, get the right tools. As well as a brush and sandpaper, you need primer and acrylic-latex paint for the perfect finish.

Clean, sand, and clean again

Before you put brush to wood, clean it. Mix TSP with warm water and gently wipe the surface. Sand out any imperfections and wipe again.

Prime before painting

Add at least one coat of primer before you paint wood. If the first coat dries clear, add extra layers until you get a chalky finish.

Use rollers and brushes

For large, regular surfaces, save time by using a small foam roller. For intricate details such a crown molding, always use a brush.

Paint, sand, and paint again

After an initial coat, lightly sand the wood. This engrains color into the wood, providing a deeper finish when you apply additional coats.

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Wood Painting Videos

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Garage Floor Metallic Coating

Please take a minute to click here to sign up for the Mother Daughter Projects weekly newsletter. You'll get notification about our new projects and what is up and coming.When Steph moved into her house, we knew we needed to redo the garage floor one day. It was half painted with carpet down the middle. We did some research on different products to use and found Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Metallic Silver Floor Coating Kit. Steph thought her mini cooper would look really cute parked on the floor so we decided to take on the project!

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