How to Clean Floors

Dirty floors got you down? Hometalk can help! Take a look at our best, new, and top DIY floor cleaning projects. We have ideas to help you save time and money. Check out our slideshows, videos, and discussion boards to help you take your floors from drab to fab! Get rid of those scuff marks and stains and make your floors shine.

Floor Cleaning Made Easy

Dust before you wipe

Vacuum or sweep your floor before cleaning. Take care not to use a beater bar or coarse bristles as these can leave scratches.

Prepare your surface

Wipe floors with a microfiber mop and a touch of cleaning solution before a deep clean to prep the surface.

Use heavy strokes for deep clean

After a light wipe, go over the surface again. This time, soak a mop and use heavier strokes to get a deep clean.

Avoid streaks and patches

Leave floors until they're approximately 95% dry before spot cleaning. This ensures you aren’t left with streaks or patchy areas.

Maintain a clean floor

Daily dusting is the best way to maintain a clean floor. Complement regular light and deep cleans by using a dry microfiber mop to remove dust.

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Floor Cleaning Videos

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