How to Repair Appliances

Are you ready to start repairing your own appliances? If you are new to the world of DIY, we invite you to get started at Hometalk. We have DIY video tutorials, discussion boards, and slideshows to guide you with step-by-step instructions on how to successfully repair your broken appliances. Check out our best appliance repair projects too.

Advice for Fixing Appliances

Listen to identify the issue

Listen to the moving parts of the appliance to isolate the issue. If something is broken, there will often be an unpleasant noise.

Switch off and unplug

This may seem obvious, but it can be forgotten. Never start any type of repair on an appliance that is switched on or plugged in.

Consult the appliance’s manual

Manuals can provide the answer to common problems. If you've lost the paper copy of a manual, you can always find it online.

Find the right parts

Installing the wrong part or a poorly made component can cause the appliance to break further. Use official or trusted suppliers.

Give it a good clean

If in doubt, remove and clean components where possible. It may be that a build-up of dirt stopped the appliance from working smoothly.

Top Appliance Repair Projects

We hereby present you with the top DIY appliance repair projects at Hometalk.

Appliance Repair Videos

Watch our DIY video tutorials on how to repair your own appliances. Great tips here.

The Quick and Easy 5 Minute Fix For a Clogged Garbage Disposal

A paper clip once fell into my garbage disposal without my knowledge. The whole thing seized up and I had no idea what was wrong. I feared I would have to buy a whole new disposal...until I figured out this trick. Watch the video for some added tips on how to clean your disposal with things you already have in your kitchen.

Replacing & Cool Weather Operation of *Heart* a Ceiling Fan

The Story :: Most folks are unaware that a ceiling fan may be set in the winter to optimize your home's heating potential. By simply flicking the motor switch into reverse (usually up & blades spinning to the right aka clockwise), stagnant warm air is moved off of the ceiling and back down into the room. (See the vid below for a demo of this.) The BackStory :: Having a pair of apartments that we rent, I occasionally get called to perform landlord-like duties. And one item that *had* been on my to do list was replacing the ceiling fan in this tenant's kitchen. Now, I know, when it comes to ceiling fans folks usually fall into one of two camps. You either love them or you hate them. Very extreme, it seems. Me personally, well, and maybe it is the geek in me, but I L.O.V.E. them. They after all are very efficient in design and employ one of the simpliest simple machines. The inclined plane. As far as installing one, manufacturers (like Hampton Bay) have it down to a science and any diyer with basic set of tools and moderate skill can get one in within an hour. I find that this process is speeded along by assembling as much as possible on the ground prior to hanging the fan. To read more, about simple machines in the home >> Or about what went on around this install >> Thanks, Happy 2013.

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New Appliance Repair Projects

Here is our collection of new DIY appliance repair projects. Take a look around.