How to Build Doors & Windows

Are you excited to build your first door or window? We have the step-by-step guides to get you started with every kind of door and window. We will get you started with DIY projects, video tutorials, slideshows, and discussion boards, all to help you unleash your creativity while staying grounded in the basics of building.

How to Build Doors and Windows

Step 1: Build your frame

Whether you are building windows or doors, start with a frame. Measure the area the door or window will rest in to determine your dimensions.

Step 2: Add cladding to your frame

Most doors are made from masonite, but you can also use pine. Clad the door with wood panels leaving a block-shaped gap to fit the door handle.

Step 3: Secure your window pane

In the case of building a window, fitting a glass pane into your frame will require beading to support the pane, and putty to secure it.

Step 4: Hang your door

Use screws to secure hinges to the wall and the door. The hinges hold the door in place in its frame, which is built into the wall.

Step 5: Paint your door

Pine and cedar are beautiful if you simply sand and seal the wood with a clear varnish. For a Masonite door, select an oil-based paint.

Top DIY Door & Window Building Projects

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DIY Door & Window Building Videos

Here is a collection of DIY video tutorials on how to build doors and windows.

How to Build and Install a Barn Door

I’ve (Vicki) been wanting to replace the door to my laundry room because it opens into the room making the space feel and function smaller than it really is. I thought a sliding door would free up the space.

DIY Barn Door Using an Interior Door

Want the fabulous look of a barn door but don't want the expense? You can make one yourself from an interior door! It isn't hard to do and the payoff is huge! Where would use a barn door in your home?

EASY DIY Pantry Barn Doors

In this HT tutorial, I show you how to build DIY double sliding barn doors for a pantry. These rustic barn doors are made with walnut wood and have a matching walnut dining table.

DIY Barndoor Hardware for a Shelving Unit

Barndoors are everywhere but the hardware can get pretty expensive to buy and it was actually too big from what I needed. After doing a lot or research online and a few trips to the hardware store, I came up with a way to make my own hardware ** with only hand tools** for doors that will cover up part of a large shelving unit.

New Door & Window Building Projects

Looking for the new door and window projects that are trending right now? Enjoy.

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