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Cd Recycle Idea for Aesthetic Room Decor

I made an easy and aesthetic room decor with a few materials.

Stone Mosaic Pot

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.Make your own stone mosaic pot for only a couple of dollars with…

DIY Bottle Craft

Convert a bottle from your scrapyard into a nice and beautiful drawing room decor piece in minutes!!

DIY Built In Bench With Storage

In February 2021, my mom and I decided to renovate her back porch. We began by throwing away a lot of junk, decluttering, and cleaning. We removed everything from the spa…

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Repair paint brush marks in appliance epoxy spray paint ?

Noticed these paint marks from primer after epoxy dried. Can I just spray a couple more coats of appliance epoxy over it? Do I sand first? TIA!

Primroses are wilting in my balcony pot?

I live in Germany and the temperature now is between 3-10 degree Celsius here. At times it goes to 0 at night. I have a few primrose plants in my balcony, out of which 2…

Hi, any suggestions for updated old brick planters along my house ?

want to update look of house to mid century but not sure what to do with old 60’s brick planters. Would love to wrap them with that rustic wide metal but not sure if i c…

How can I get rid of steam mop burn mark on laminate flooring?

I left a Swiffer steam mop running in one place while I had to take a call for 10 minutes. The next day I notice this rectangular yellow-ish swiffer shaped burn mark on t…

Remove white heat stains from veneer wood table

I have cloudy white stains on my veneer table top from using an iron over a towel. What is the best way to remove these?

Gap in the external wall cladding ?

I need expert advise, gap seen in the eternal wall clad . these gaps are not all over and seen in few places. Is this normal or need to be sealed.thanksjag

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Concrete Candle Holders

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.The next time you are at the thrift store grab a cute little cup…

The Making of a China Cabinet - Worth the 30 Year Wait!

Would you believe this DIY china cabinet makeover was over 30 years in the making? That’s how long I’ve owned this china cabinet. It was the very first furniture piece I…

Ways to Use Milk Crates

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.Today we're gonna talk about using milk crates for a variety of…

Aesthetic and Easy Candle Holder Making

I made an easy and inexpensive candle holder. I really loved the last version. You can also make changes according to your own style.

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Easy Hanging Tea Towel for Your Kitchen Using Dollar Tree Items!

Today I'm going to share with you a simple and easy Fall Kitchen Hanging Tea Towel using humble Dollar Tree items. Its appropriate for fall and would be great addition to…

Upcycled Mini Copper Pots - (and the Risky Business of Crafting)

How to Make DIY Self-Watering Planters

My biggest problem with keeping plants alive has to do with watering them. 🪴 I forget about them and by the time I remember, I am now a plant mom, they are past the point…

DIY Farmhouse Tiered Tray (Easy, Fun, And Inexpensive!)

You may be asking yourself, How do you make a DIY tiered farmhouse tray? Well you are in the right place because I am going to show you how I made my very own 3 tiered fa…

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These hometalkers need your help! see all

Installing LVP vs Laminate on concrete flooring?

The Carpet has been torn out and we're left with our concrete flooring in our 35 year old Arizona home we just purchased. The concrete flooring is level in most areas, h…

I mistakenly started to refinish my Lane table, how do I correct it?

I bought a table at a flea market for 25 bucks I thought it was nice so I bought it so that I could refinish it. After some research and decoding the serial numbers on th…

How do I repurpose a heavy duty wooden artists easel?

I have an old and used artist easel like the one pictured, that was my fathers. Would like to repurpose it for something useful. Looking for any and all ideas. Thank you

Im trying to find out if this set is valuable or not. Johnson Brothers

Wondering the value of this set if any. I have service for 10. Teacups, saucers, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls, dessert plates, gravy boat., large and small platters

How to reseal my loose glass windows

Hello all, I need a small suggestion, my glass windows has gotten loose and handyman has asked to reseal and asking for $300. I am not sure what will he do with that. Can…

How can I make these MDF baseboards look better?

We moved in this house with terrible baseboards!! Who thought MDF baseboards are a good idea!!? Can’t afford to change them. Anything I can do?

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48-Hour Flip: Backyard Firepit

This post is sponsored by Longaberger.I have a beautiful wooded backyard, but it was kind of… empty. When my family went outside to spend time together, we didn’t have a…

A New Look For Your Christmas Ornaments

Merry Pre Christmas To You!I cannot believe how many Christmas ornaments I already have. Now the large and small farmhouse beads and boho beads are still extremely popula…

DIY Giraffe Planter Using Broken Cup

One of the easiest way to decorate your indoor space on a budget is to create DIY crafts. Upcycling reduces the amount of waste that gets to the landfills. Using this was…

Dollar Store Closet Hacks

This post was transcribed by a member of the Hometalk editorial team from the original HometalkTV episode.Organizing your closet has never been so easy! Head to your doll…